Course of treatment

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The prophylaxis concept – more than just tooth cleaning

Before tooth prophylaxis starts, an extensive examination of teeth and gingival is carried out. If necessary, X-ray images are able to show if jaw bone and teeth are healthy.

After a short introduction, the examination for the oral health begins through the prophylaxis expert. Among others, she measures the depth of the gingival pockets at every individual tooth. Together with other measured values, an overall image of the dental -and oral health arises. They serve as a basis for possibly necessary additional measures and as a follow-up. You will be handed over your individual result in an easy-to-understand paper form.

Subsequently, your teeth will be cleaned, polished and hardened. You can immediately feel the success of the treatment with your tongue. All feels fresh and silky smooth. This way, you effectively prevent bad breath as well.

Individual care tips for the effective tooth cleaning at home are another important component. Finally, you will get a recommendation for your next dental medical meaningful check-up appointment.

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