Zimny Leistungen Implantologie 720x220Through a two and a half year's additional study, Dr. Burghardt Zimny has specialised to become Master of Science for implantology

A lost tooth „starts growing again"

Once a tooth is lost, it can mostly be replaced by an implant. An implant is a small titan screw, which is placed into the jaw growing solidly together there. Subsequently, dental crowns, bridges or a removable denture can be attached to it. Precondition for this is sufficient bone material.

Setup of bones

One field of application of modern implantology has increased enormously in the past years. Thus it is possible today to safely implant through a specified bone setup with bones of one's own in such areas, which could not be provided with solid teeth a couple of years ago.

Dental prosthesis stabilisation

Even in case of a loss of all teeth, a therapy with implants or mini-implants is possible. Solid teeth give you more life quality and you feel secure when eating, talking and laughing.

We would like to talk to you in person what your very individual therapy planning could look like.

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