Through a two and a half year's additional study, Dr. Kathrin Zimny has specialised in this field to become Master of Science for orthodontics.

Straight teeth – just like on a pearl chain

Aesthetically perfect, straight teeth are attractive; they signal health and joy and belong to a harmonious overall impression of the face. No matter if with children or adults, attractiveness and charisma are possible at any age. For this treatment effect, removable braces, the Invisalign-Method and solid braces are available.

We would like to discuss with you in person what your very individual therapy planning could look like.

Pediatric dentistry

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How your dental visit becomes fun?

Children need special caring. This is also true for the treatment in a dental practice. The "little" ones are just as respected and taken seriously as adults in our practice. It is particularly important for children to establish a bond of trust to their future dentist – for this reason we will not start directly with the treatment in the first session; first of all they can watch and we explain things understandably to them without any ruffle or excitement.

Fissure sealing

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So that your child enjoys dental care – now and later!

The fissure sealing is a prophylactic measure to prevent cariogenesis on the chewing surfaces. Small und big back teeth often have deep fissures (valleys and dimples) on their chewing surface, which are inaccessible for every toothbrush. For this reason children start getting their first holes here. Through the sealing with a varnish, the cariogenesis in fissures is minimized or totally prevented. As soon as the remaining back teeth of your child have come out, they should thus also be sealed.

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The prophylaxis is precisely important for children, especially if the first remaining teeth have come. The statuary health insurance takes over the children prophylaxis twice a year between the sixth and 18th year of age. The aim of the child prophylaxis is to introduce children to tooth brushing in a playful manner and to develop tooth consciousness at an early stage. During prophylaxis, the teeth are dyed. This way, possibly existing weak points can easily be demonstrated during brushing. Subsequently, the teeth are cleaned and the child's brushing technique explained individually. Finally, the teeth are hardened through a fluoride varnish and thus protected against caries.

In case of further questions, our practice team is happy to help.