Functional diagnostics

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Functional diagnostics – for your wellbeing

Tooth-or jawbone malpositions can frequently be the cause for headache and back pains as well as unpleasant tensions or even for a tinnitus. By the help of functional diagnostics, functional therapy and interdisciplinary cooperation with other specialists, we are able to diagnose cranio-mandibular dysfunctions (CMD) and tinnitus in detail, treat it successfully and thus free you from your pains.

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Oral surgery

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Through a two and a half year's additional study, Dr. Burghardt Zimny has specialized to become Master of Science for Oral Surgery

In our practice we place great importance on a gentle surgery: bone removals are carried out with the Piezotome, other surgical interventions with the laser.

Among other things, the following treatments are carried out in our modern and in-house operating room:

  • Implantations
  • Bone augmentations
  • External and internal sinus lift
  • Aesthetic corrections of the gingival
  • Tooth extractions
  • Removal of wisdom teeth
  • Root end surgery
  • Cyst removals

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Fitness for the gingival

Early diagnosis plays a big role in our practice. By means of the periodontal screening index, the condition of your gingival is checked in certain intervals. Depending on the result, an additional treatment will be recommended.

In case of an inflammation of the gingival or the decline of the jawbone, there exists a gentle therapy alternative today. The supporting use of the laser allows a treatment, which is both painless and highly effective at the same time. Furthermore, surgical interventions can be avoided in a lot of cases.

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What is periodontitis?

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The treatment of periodontitis (gingival treatment and osteoporosis) is an important cornerstone of dental medicine, since it is the main case for tooth loss besides caries. Disturbing plaque on the tooth surfaces present an ideal matrix for bacteria. The toxic substances released during the metabolism of bacteria lead to a destruction of the dental neck apparatus.

The disease of the dental neck apparatus occurs completely painless in most cases so that patients only notice something once a tooth suddenly starts wiggling or becomes inflamed. Additional symptoms are bad breath and slight bleeding during brushing.

We want to avoid all that and are able to: as long as it is acted in due time by means of preventing measures (professional tooth cleaning, periodontitis treatment, removal of overcoming filling edges...), far-reaching damages can be avoided.

The periodontitis treatment takes place in a relaxing manner under local anaesthesia and is supported by the usage of the laser. Subsequently, a continuous control is necessary to ensure the success of the treatment. This way you can continue to bite into an apply securely without your gingival bleeding.

If you have any further questions, our practice team will be glad to help.

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