Your advantages at a glance

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  • Certified prophylaxis expert
  • Determination of your individual gingival disease risk Computer-based pocket explorer
  • Caries-measurement by means of laser fluorescence
  • Visualization of the plaque by a short-time coloration
  • Professional and gentle cleaning of the tooth surface
  • Polish of teeth for a silky smooth surface
  • Cleansing of the tongue
  • Summary of all examination results
  • Recommendation for the further steps

The bad breath consultation (halitosis)

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Every fourth German suffers from bad breath to a different degree. In more than 90 % of all cases, the cause for this is in the mouth –and throat area or in the paranasal sinuses. Predominantly, it is the bacteria at the border of the tongue or in gingival pockets causing bad breath by badly smelling metabolic products. The special prophylaxis concept of our practice gives our patients the feeling of a secure und clear breath back. Instead of a short-time effective taste improvement, the therapy aims at a permanent removal of causes. Subsequently, you can go through life with lots of self-confidence and fresh breath.


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Teeth – like fresh snow

A „radiant smile" makes you likable – healthy and flawless teeth give self-confidence and appreciation. Certainly you have noticed people whose smile has immediately left a positive and lasting impression. This also works for you! With the modern bleaching system that comes from the USA, it is possible to lighten up your teeth in a little more than an hour. No bothersome splints or stripes must be worn. The bleaching system is ideal for those who would like to see an immediate tooth bleaching effect.

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Laser dentistry

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Gentle and effective

The introduction of the laser has led to a revolution in many areas of dental medicine. By means of lasers, treatments can be carried out effectively and very gently for the patient.

Field of application of the laser:

  • Gingival treatment (periodontitis)
  • Root canal treatment (endodontics)
  • "Drilling" without drill
  • Surgery (e.g. removal of the labial frenulum)
  • Treatment of aphtas and herpes
  • And many more

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our practice team.